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MyriamSOS, encountered at London Fashion Week on 15.03.14 - It's cool to be square!



Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Cypriot Jewellery Designer, Myriam Soseilos of the brand MyriamSOS at the Wolf and Badger London Fashion Week showcase in The Savoy Hotel. By way of introduction, she explained the reasoning behind her label's name: ‘SOS represents the first three letters of my surname, whilst its pronunciation in English suggests ‘sauce’; after all, adding jewellery to an outfit is similar to adding spice to food.’   I must say, I was simply astounded by her work and would argue that it her pieces could be the starting point and certainly the main talking point of any outfit, rather than the finishing touch! Inspired by the clean lines of modern architecture, her aesthetic is minimalist and simple. Whereas circular and ring shapes are widely accepted as a standard starting point in conventional jewellery design, squares are the common denominator shape under most of the designs in the MyriamSos collections, which include square eternity rings and bangles. 

From The Naked Square Collection:


Double Square Eternity Rings by MyriamSOS Scarf-Pendant-by-MyriamSOS
Tennis-Bracelets-by-Myriam-SOS Gamma-Rings-by-Myriam-SOS


Top Row from left to right: 

Square Eternity Rings: Ring 1:Square Eternity ring, 750 White Palladium gold & 44 white diamonds. Ring 2: Double Square Eternity ring (Middle ring) 750 White Palladium gold in Black Rodium & 80 black diamonds. Ring 3: Double Square Eternity ring (Front ring) 750 White Palladium gold & 80 diamonds

Scarf Pendant: 750 White Palladium gold, 750 White Palladium gold in Black Rodium & 118 Black / White diamonds

Bottom Row, from left to right:

Tennis Bracelets, Bracelet 1: 750 White Palladium gold & 110 white diamonds.  Bracelet 2: White Palladium gold in Black Rodium & 110 black diamonds

The "Cube" Ring: 2 Gamma Rings linked together, Ring 1: White Palladium gold in Black Rodium & 53 black diamonds, Ring 2: 750 White gold & 53 white diamonds

Gamma Ring: 750 White gold & 53 white diamonds


One of my favourite pieces from the Naked Squares Collection is this double finger square eternity ring in rose gold.  When worn, the single diamond peeps up between the fingers and catches the light, like a diamond freckle!

Materials: 750 Rose Gold and White diamonds


Further innovation is seen in her Transformers collection.  Crafted from a monochrome palette of black and white diamonds, set in gleaming elegant angles of silver and whte gold, the magic is in the mechanics of these pieces, which feature moving hinges and rotating parts. This is jewellery you can play with and make your own! Are you in a black diamond or a white diamond mood today? A simple twist will adjust your jewellery to reflect your feeling.  In fact, I am not sure jewellery is the right word for this collection. I would rather call them feats of modern micro-engineering!


The 'In-Out Square Eternity Ring', can be turned inside out, transforms into a pendant and can be worn in 18 variations:








The video below demonstrates how it works:



Another enchanting creation in the Transformers collection is the "Combinations" set, which can be worn as a pair of long earrings and a square eternity ring or as a a pair of shorter earrings and a square tennis bracelet. It is a truly extraordinary design and allows for great versatility! 


Long Earrings and Eternity Ring Tennis Bracelet and Short Earrings.  The bracelet can be worn either on the black or the white side.

Again, watch the video to see how the set works!




It was the genius behind this collection that won her the accolade of ‘Designer of the Year 2013' at Treasure, London’s visionary jewellery show, which took place during the world-renowned Jewellery Week in June 2013.  More exciting pieces will be added to the Transformers collection later this year; the ‘Rubik Cube’ ring, the ‘Push It Open’ ring and the bespoke cufflinks.




Materials: 750 White Palladium gold, white sapphires, square and round amethysts

 Rotating Ring:

Rotate the triangle stone of the ring to change its look and colour combination.

Materials: 750 Rose gold, white and pink sapphires

Rubik Cube Ring:

The three square eternity rings turn around to create various colour combinations.

Materials: 750 White Palladium gold, white sapphires, golden sapphires, amethysts & blue/green emeralds


Rotating Cufflinks: Both sides of the Cufflinks turn around four times to create different looks and colour combinations.


Another interesting piece from the new range is the "Pick and Choose Engagement Ring".  This ring allows you to pick and choose the stones you like. Change the colour of the stone on your ring to match your outfit with great ease! Push the clasp at the bottom of the ring open, change the stone and close it! Perfect for those who are getting engaged but don't want to commit (to a colour at least!)


Materials: 750 Rose gold and black diamond

Stones beside the ring: White, pink and yellow diamonds, aquamarine, emerald and amethyst



Myself and Myriam met for a coffee in Somerset House a few days later, where I learnt more about her background and inspiration. She exudes Meditarranean warmth and a passion about her craft.  Having previously worked in logistics and journalism, she followed her dream and only started making jewellery 7 years ago (further testament to her great talent!). Unsurprisingly, she describes herself as a "square" person and claims that there is nothing round in her house.  She likes angles, lines, modern buildings but can find inspiration in anything.  For example, she told me that while at a Christening recently, she watched a girl in front of her in the church play with an orange elastic band wrapped around her finger.  As the girl twisted and turned the elastic band, Myriam got the vision for her Double Circle Ring, one of the few round pieces in her collections.


Double Circle Ring from the Ring Treats Collection

She works mainly in white gold, black rhodium and black and white diamonds.  She is also fond of rose gold and can make pieces in any material or any stone upon request.  She welcomes bespoke pieces and said that although her collections are aimed at women originally, they have also been very popular amongst men. She works from her studio in Nikcosia, where she has a small gallery shop.  Her work is also available to buy at Wolf and Badger (online and in their store on Dover Street, London) and in Alternatives in Rome. 


Myriam Soselios is truly one of the most exciting and innovative jewellery designers I have ever come across. There is a sharp mind behind her fresh creative vision and I am quite sure I met a jewellery star on the rise. MyriamSOS, you will go far!  Very far indeed.


For more information visit http://www.sos-jewellery.co.uk/