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  • A new luxury accessories brand to watch...


    Working in fashion is a tough old slog but it does have its merits... With your eyes open and your ears to the ground of trendland you usually have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt last year, two seasons before the masses are wearing it.  This is perhaps one of the main reasons why the fashion crowd can seem so smug... why they say things like "that was so last year..." and similar eyes-rolling  cliches  with an artfully executed bored yawn.  Some do that better than others but you will generally find that the fashion crowd keeps the little insider secrets they know close to their chest so they can hold on to one of the industry's greatest pleasures... Being ahead of the game.

    While I do like to keep ahead from time to time, sometimes something is just so good I have to let people know... Especially when it is an artisan debut accessories collection and I've witnessed the love and labour that has gone into designing and creating it in a small studio in East London over the past year. Therefore, this brand is close to my chest and my heart can't wait to  share it with you.

    Ennigaldi is a luxury handbag brand due to launch in June 2016 (that is only actually two months away by the way!)   Named after the Babylonian Princess who is famed for curating the world's first museum, the creatives behind the brand aim to promote the notion of a handbag as more than a mere fashion accessory, but rather a piece of art in itself that you can use to curate your own world and carry your treasures as you follow your personal journey.

    The bags are exquisitely made from Italian leather, featuring gold hardware, laser cut detailing framed within contemporary minimalist silhouettes.  Unfortunately I cannot say much more so this is in a way a bit of a smug fashiony I know something you don't know sort of post... But the thing is, I WANT you to know! I want everybody to know about this label... Ennigaldi - you will thank me for notifying you about... Mark my words and you tell others you read about it here first!

    Sign up for notifications on their website here and be the first to know when their debut collection is online and ready to order.

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