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  • London Fashion Week Finds for AW 2015 Part 1

    Well we had a great day at London Fashion Week at Somerset House on Saturday... The sun was out and after throwing some ever so accidental streetstyle shapes in the courtyard and watching the Holly Fulton catwalk show (on screen sadly but wow what a beautiful collection!), myself and my friends Caroline and Mike took a leisurely afternoon stroll around the designer showrooms. As usual there was so much to take in! And particularly enjoyed the Topshop NEWGEN Exhibition (Dear Sadie Williams, a new member has just joined your fanclub). Of course I am always on the lookout for new brands to promote on Shophoppingmap and recommend to my personal shopping clients but I would say Saturday was more of a social affair - walked around, had a bit of a chit chat with several designers and showroom reps, collected several business cards but after more than a full week's work and Ada Zanditon's Couture party the night before, was so tired that the real sign of the collections' strength (to my mind anyway) was that it lingered in my mind the next day and called me back to see again on Monday morning.

    Photos from the Topshop NEWGEN Exhibition:

    Topshop Newgen Exhibition, Somerset House, London Fashion Week, February 2015 Work by Sadie Williams (top), Ryan Lo and Molly Goddard, Topshop Newgen Exhibition, Somerset House, London Fashion Week, February 2015

    I could not possibly list everything cool that I found on Saturday but some of my favourite finds were:

    Negarin -  Founded in 2011 by Negarin Sadr, a trained artist and sculptor, who refined her work in Fashion at Donna Karan, this was not a name I hadn't come across before but the AW15 collection of clothing and accessories affirmed my very positive association with it.  This contemporary British label has a truly modern wearable aesthetic and beautiful use of natural fabrics - think featherweight cashmere, silk and beautifully crafted leather in a fusion of mint pastels with accents of neon yellow (current favourite colour!).  The brand representative was telling me that the brand is doing very well in California - no surprise there.  Sadly I did not take any photos of the forthcoming collection but the current SS15 collection is also beautiful and currently available to purchase on the website.


    Negarin, AW14, image source: http://negarinlondon.com Negarin, AW14, image source: http://negarinlondon.com

    Following a similar modern aesthetic is a new label I was VERY happy to meet - Achtland - Named after a mythical Irish Queen and founded by Oliver Lühr and Thomas Bentz in Berlin not long ago, the label's AW15 collection was absolutely beautiful and featured so many of my favourite colour combinations - turquoise blue, pink and grey and navt -  I was drawn to it immediately and I also must mention, the designers and their sales manager Maria were all SO lovely.  It was their first time showing in London and I want them to do really well.  In fact, I know they will.  Oliver's radiant CV shines with Central St Martins training and design experience at Chloé and Balenciaga, followed by three years as Senior Designer at Hiroko Koshino and his expertise shows in this pared down balanced collection - featuring palm leaf motifs and flamingos, only true talent could pull off such humorous fun and stay within the disciplined boundaries of elegant sophistication that the collection exudes.

    Oliver Lühr, Designer and Co-Founder of Achtland Oliver Lühr, Designer and Co-Founder of Achtland

    Achtland  AW15 Collection at London Fashion Week

    Achtland  AW15 Collection at London Fashion Week

    Their lookbook does more justice than my camera:

    Looks from the Achtland AW15 Lookbook Looks from the Achtland AW15 Lookbook

    Of course their Spring/Summer 2015 is well worth a look on their site and it is worth mentioning that they are currently stocked online at Style Album .

    Another interesting brand I found in the RTW showrooms was Napsugar, an innovative womenswear brand from Hungary which incorporates technology with futuristic zoogenic and phytogenic fabrics, in their black and white aviator style garments.  Napsugar, the designer, explained that their ethos is inspired by Amelia Earhart, the American aviation pioneer and her brave reach for the future can be seen in the bold futuristic lines of the collection.  It was their sunglasses that caught my eyes.  Somewhat retro and somewhat future, these supercool shades are perfect for turning your gaze towards the horizon.  They will also be integrated with subtle smart technology that can do powerful things like find your shades when you misplace them... Imagine that! One less excuse not to splash out on a pair of designer sunglasses then! : )

    Napsugar AW15 at London Fashion Week Napsugar AW15 at London Fashion Week
    Napsugar AW15 at London Fashion Week Napsugar Sunglasses AW15 at London Fashion Week

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