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  • All I want for Christmas…

    Canon PowerShot SX210 IS Digital Camera - Black (14.1 MP, 14x Optical Zoom) 3.0 Inch PureColor LCD, Amazon

    1. A Digital Camera:  My last one is old and  has aged rather disgracefully.  Too many parties... too many dancefloors...  it now thinks it should make films when all I want is to take photos.  I keep telling it "you're a cameRA, not a camcorder!" but it will not listen.  It wants to be in the movies and I wish it luck but it's time for me to move on and after much research I would like to move onto this particular Canon Powershot SX210 IS.  Ideally I would love a digital SLR but realistically I know the chances of hauling it about the place on an every day basis are not very high (my film SLR has mastered  the art of Gathering Dust after several years of  sitting in corners) and so I decided an advanced compact (ish) digital is the way to go.   This one seems great. 14.1 Mega Pixels sounds pretty good (my last one was just 5!) and 14 x Optical zoom is impressive for such a little thing even though I may never use it... My photography teacher on my Art & Design Foundation course at London College of Fashion some years ago said that zooming is cheating!  Better to get closer to your subject.  True or untrue his philosophy has always stuck. And I always go for Canon when it comes to cameras - especially with digital,  they have it nailed when it comes to realistic colour!  Other brands tend to exaggerate hues etc. I have found through limited experience of using other people's digital cameras.  It has good reviews on Amazon and is a good price at £182.80 (was £359) so this is what I would love most of all for Christmas!


    2. I LOVE these tortoiseshell aviators!  Inspired by the retro glamour of  years gone by, they are part of the Gucci Heritage collection which were brought out this year.  The old-school green and red striped Gucci logo adds to the 70s charm which they exude.  I stumbled across them when shopping for a friend's wedding present in a department store a couple of months ago and had to try them on.  (Distractions distractions... ) and for once a pair of aviators kind of suited me!  I feel like I am the only person in the world who can't wear Ray-ban's iconic teardrop aviators.  They make my face look squashed or something!  But these... these ones are fantastic!  They're just on the wearable side of HUGE! And the lense is the perfect shade for tortoiseshell frames...not too pale or dark....  Just perfect!  One simple rule that I live by is that I am not allowed buy a present for myself when buying one for someone else...  I feel that the act of getting might cancel out the act of giving.  And so I reluctantly put these glasses back down at the time.  But they have stayed in my head and in my heart ever since.


    3.  My 15 year old brother rang me up yesterday and asked me what would I like for Christmas as he was going into town to do his Christmas shopping.  I think he might have regretted it as this is what I asked for; blue mascara.  "Why blue?" he asked.  Well I don't know why really and I don't know if it's fashionable and I certainly don't care about that but it's something I would like to start wearing on a regular basis.  I told him to go to the Benefit counter as you can always trust Benefit to have simple youthful makeup like this.  And they do.  BADgal blue mascara.  Perfect!  And you don't even have to have been a good girl this year.


    4. "This sophisticated fragrance of a rose garden ideally balanced by the cool fruitness of blackcurrant leaves is one of the most famous Diptyque lines" according to Space NK and I can testify to the beauty of this fragrance.  One of my housemates/best friends has this candle in her room and when it is lit, the scent travels around the house.  It is a warm uplifting fragrance and I think it is now my favourite of the Diptyque range.  I also love Diptyque for its old-world packaging.




    5. Cashmere cashmere cashmere.... For some reason, this winter in particular has seen my winter  jumpers turn into a pile of darning (moths also love cashmere)... some are even unsalvagable and while there is a certain charm and everlasting love in patched elbows and darning stitches, it is smarter to have undarned jumpers.  Also this winter has bestowed unforgiving temperatures upon the city of London and other places unfamiliar with such harsh realities and thus a pair of cashmere bed socks would not go astray.


    6. Organisation; one of the biggest challenges in my life.  A good diary (especially if  a pretty one like this) just might help make 2011 one of the most happening, progressive years of my life.  I have lots of plans, lots of lists (I survive on these) scattered amongst several little notebooks and it would be nice to put these in the written word in a chronological framework.


    7. You can't beat Essie for nail polish and you can never have enough.  They have an amazing colour range and are great quality.  I also love their creative names.  This one is called  Café Forget. Perfect for this time of year.  Out with the old...in with the new!

    And that's it really.. seven little wishes underlying the greater ones that matter more... peace love happiness... good times with family and friends...every wish for 2011... and please please please God may Heathrow be open on Friday!

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