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Objects of Desire

  • Object of Desire 27.10.10

    My deepest desire today is to stay in bed...  I woke up with this morning with a headache and sore throat and things are not improving.  However they are not getting worse either and I don't feel bad enough to cancel a design meeting this afternoon so I will have to pull my act together soon.

    I came across this "sweater coat" earlier on the Austique website (one of my favourite London boutiques!) and it is purrrfect for days like this when you're feeling under the weather and you'd like to take your duvet with you if you must venture out.  There is no denying that winter is on its way.  In fact I even saw frost sparkles on the footpath on Sunday evening!  Giant chunky knit cardigans make winter life a little easier and particularly love this one for its (Native American/Aztec-influenced???) pattern.  In fact, if I owned this cardigan, I might be trying to find excuses to go out into the cold and not excuses to stay in!

    12th Street by Cynthia Vincent 50s Sweater Coat, £325, Austique

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