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  • Colour Splash Newsflash!

    Today I'm wearing a bright fuschia pink Indian top. Why? Because it's Monday and always best to start the week on a bright note!  The bright colour trends of summer show no sign of  fading out for this autumn/winter season and why should they? Winter is when we need them most! And bright can be cosy... One needs to look no further than UNIQLO for bright cashmere knitwear!


    The bright trend goes for clothes AND jewellery. I am in love with this little beaded number by Anabel Campbell at Wolf and Badger.


    And accessories... Last Friday evening I discovered the perfect bright winter accessory... Not in a shop but on the shoulders of a girl in my local pub. It was a beautiful BRIGHT yellow and purple dip-dyed pashmina. A slightly hippyish style one might associate with a market in Jaipur but it looked super luxurious. "Wow! I love your scarf!" I told her. And she proudly told me that it was 100% cashmere and her friend had designed it. Naturally, as I am always on the lookout for cool new designers that sell online for the shophoppingmap platform, I asked her if her friend had an online shop and thankfully she does!  The brandname was spelt out to me several times -A-L-L-E-G-R-A and I prayed that I wouldn't forget it. Miraculously, one rather wine-fueled evening and a deep sleep later, I didn't! I suppose we always remember the things that matter and sure enough I found the site I was looking for very quickly the next day. Allegra London was only founded a few few months ago by Chloe, who creates beautiful cashmere scarves dipped in a bright palette, inspired the magical colours of India. The label already has a celebrity following.  Model, Jessica Michibata is a big fan and particularly supports the red and white scarf of whose profits go to the Peace Winds Japan charity, which is working hard to rebuild Japan's disaster-stricken areas. A bright scarf with a bright cause and any of the scarves are guaranteed to brighten up your winter! Now the only question is... which colour are you going to choose?


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