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  • Have a good hair day!

    Earlier this morning when I said "good morning!" to my bathroom mirror (who, perched under a skylight, is normally so cruel), its reply was oddly kind - "good hair day!" - I couldn't believe it... My hair, unwashed and unbrushed, fell in shiny waves onto my shoulders... It was quite literally, just out of bed hair, but in fact it wasn't even messy enough to call it that in a stylistic sense.  If only every morning could be like this! And my hair, thick but fine and always ready to crumple up into a matted bird's nest at any given chance (the wind, a pillow, a scarf...all bad bad influences on my hair!)  is certainly never so obedient in the mornings... So what was different about yesterday?  Well I'll tell you... Philip Kingsley.  Philip Kingsley has been a practising trichological consultant since 1957 and using his wisdom and experience has developed a highly regarded hair-care range which has been on my radar for quite  a few years.  Any shampoo or conditioner I have tried by Philip Kingsley has been wonderful but the latest product to impress me is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer pre-shampoo treatment. Originally created for Audrey Hepburn, this treatment combines the magical ingredients of Olea Europea (olive oil - high in vitimin E and essential fatty acids, locking in moisture for bounce and shine) and Hydrolyzed Elastin (this strengthens and adds elasticity to hair, helping to prevent breakage).  Frequent use of this treatment promises to restore suppleness, elasticity, shine and bounce without weighing it down or coating the hair.  Of course, you never know until you try so I tried it the night before last.  You are supposed to apply the Elasticizer to damp hair from mid lengths to ends and leave it for several minutes or for full benefit, 20-30 minutes with a shower cap.  Then you rinse your hair and shampoo as usual.  In fact, I applied it to my damp hair after a bath on Thursday evening and left the treatment in overnight for maximum benefit.  Yesterday morning when I rinsed it out, I did notice that my hair felt very silky and it was not it's usual mass of knots after washing it... But as I was running around London like a headless chicken for most of the day yesterday, I did not have time to notice its full benefits until this morning.  I am extremely extremely impressed... And my hair is so soft... Thank you Dr. Kingsley!  Can't wait to see how my hair improves with regular treatments.  The product is available in an elegant tub and a new airport-friendly travel size (perfect for replenishing moisture after a day on the beach!) Highly recommended.  Combine with the Swimcap protective cream and your hair will be all jetset to go!

    Cosmo Award Winner - Pre-shampoo treatment that delivers elasticity and bounce to hair. Also provides UV protection even after washing, helping prolong the life of colour treatments. Visible results from one application that improves with continued use. F


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