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Graphic Design


    And the prize for Best Christmas Present of the Year goes to my cousin Naoise, who gave my brother the most amazing book ever for Christmas: Information is Beautiful by David McCandless.  This book contains exactly what it says on the cover:  Information on EVERYTHING from the types of fish we should and shouldn't be eating from an environmental point of view to the facial hairstyles of famous political leaders.  It is all presented visually in simple charts and beautifully designed graphics and is very easy to digest.  Not only is this book, as the title may suggest, immensely informative but also a wonderful feat of graphic design; a work of modern art in itself.  I looked it up on Amazon and it is only £8.99 (was £20) but I can tell you its content is invaluable.  Everything you ever wanted to know and answers to questions you might not have ever thought to ask!  In an internet-saturated world where we take the  availability of infinite information for granted, it is so special to have it neatly packaged a tactile, visually stimulating hardback book.  For a taste of this book, visit its website or to purchase from Amazon.co.uk click on the image below:

    Information is Beautiful, Amazon

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