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  • Align your step with the stars

    The transition into the new year is a beautiful time for making wishes and forming plans. I don't know what is written in the stars for 2014 but I do hope that if have a clear vision of where I want to go, they will guide me to my destiny. Charlotte Olympia's Western Cosmic Collection is a gorgeous way to make sure your path is in harmony with the stars. There is a shoe for each zodiac sign so choose your pair and off you go! My only problem is that while I love my sign's Pisces  shoe, I also love the Libra, and the Aquarius one... oh and the Cancer too! Would really like to own the whole collection in fact!  Justification?  Well we are all made up of elements of many (if not all) of the zodiac signs...  For example, I know that my moon is in Sagittarius, my Venus is in Aquarius, my Mars is in Libra, my Jupiter is in Scorpio and so on and so forth (thank you Chaos Astrology!)... My point is that it's quite possible any of these shoes can be justified by your birth chart so don't feel confined to stepping out in your sun sign alone! May your year be filled with stars and wishes coming true!


    Charlotte Olympia Zodiac Collection

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