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  • On Reflection

    After a prolonged spell away, I just got back to London this week to find a wonderful package in the post...  Neon yellow and black reflective sunglasses!!!  I had forgotten I had ordered them online weeks ago so in a way, they were a great surprise!  You see, mirror lensed sunglasses have always been a favourite of mine.  In fact, my first pair of real sunglasses were mirror lensed in white plastic frames.  I remember how I came upon them.  Aged six in Canada and at just the right eye-level for finding hidden things, I spotted 3 large white boxes underneath the dining room table.  Of course, I had to open them and they were filled with rows of sunglasses in every shape, style and colour!  I couldn't believe it!  I was in Heaven.  When my mother discovered what I had discovered, apart from telling me to stop playing with them, she explained the mystery behind them. A relative of ours, who was a designer sunglasses sales rep at the time, had left them with us to see if we wanted to choose anything.  I don't think the selection was intended for me but yes I sure did!  My mother said I could choose one pair.  Only one pair?!  Out of over a hundred pairs?  That was tough.  Very tough. And a good early lesson in discipline. However, I knew what I liked at the time and would probably choose the same again: a cool pair of white framed silver mirrors.  Quite often the new kid on the block during that time, at least I felt like the coolest kid on the block whenever I wore them!  They carried me down ski-slopes in the Rockies, through glaring spring chinooks and summer rodeo sunshine over those following Alberta years and when the neon wave came upon us early in 1991, I moved my sunglasses with the times by painting the frames a mixture of neon orange and neon green (maybe not so cool).  I do not know what became of those sunglasses after that but they remain a dear possession in my memory!  And I am certainly glad to see that mirrored lenses are back out in force this season!  I could see they were creeping up amongst the micro-trends heralded by the festival brigades over the last couple of summers but I have a feeling they are going to be everywhere this summer.  Not just for festivals.  This suspicion was confirmed on my Instagram feed this morning when I saw that superblogger trendsetting Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad, had photographed a couple of pairs of reflective Ray-Bans  in preparation for California.  Yip, mirror shades are definitely surfing the zeitgeist! And no doubt many a pair will be donned at Coachella this weekend.  How the times have haven't changed...  And I am all the happier for it!

    My new shades:

    Candy Yellow Neon Reflective Sunglasses

    These sunglasses were bought for very little on Ebay I must admit but they are the perfect candy yellow neon and I love the green/lilac metallic tones of the lenses and it means I won't mind if they are stolen or lost at a festival or party this summer.  However, for more precious frames and mirrors, I recommend a little trip over to Monnier Frères, where they have a beautiful selection and are offering 25% off new collections of designer sunglasses until 30th April.  Only with a special code, which you will find here.

    These are a few of my favourite mirrored and tonal shades from Monnier Frères - this time it's definitely too difficult to choose only 1 pair!  And now that I'm not six, I don't have to! : )


    Square Shaped Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs
    Metal Framed Mirror Sunglasses by Police
    Clear Framed Reflective Sunglasses by Carrera
    Silver Framed Aviator by Ray-Ban
    Mirrored Blue Aviators by Marc Jacobs

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