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  • Trés cool!

    Yesterday I was walking down Gloucester Road with my cousin Julia after a delicious lunch at Fait Maison and we slowed down intuitively as we passed The Exchange's shop window. "You know I think THAT is my favourite shop in all of London" said Julia. "Yes, it is wonderful," I agreed. Stocking a range of beautifully edited designer vintage clothes in perfect condition, this is one treat of a boutique! "They just always have the coolest clothes!" Julia went on, "I got this bag in there" and she raised a pistachio leather Miu Miu tote to the sky. "Yeah, that's cool..." I mused "And do you know where else there are the coolest clothes?" I asked. "Where?" replied Julia. And I proudly described my boyfriend's wardrobe... "His clothes are SO cool! Like, he just has the COOLEST style!" "THAT's cool! exclaimed Julia. And as our dialogue echoed in the brief pause that followed, we burst out laughing, realising how UNcool we sounded... Like a couple of "clueless" inarticulate teenagers. Well Julia IS still a teenager... but reading History at Cambridge, I think it is safe to say she is definitely not inarticulate. And I would like to think that I am neither inarticulate or clueless and I know for a fact that I am definitely well over the teenage hill...Oh and on second thoughts, so might Julia be actually...just over possibly... OK I'll admit I can't count and lose track of numbers (time/finances/dates...) on a regular basis but inarticulate, I give you not. And certainly, myself and my cousin are cool enough to know it is not cool to overuse the word "cool". However, there a few things in everyday life which call for a definite simple "THAT's cool!" response and no more and this conversation led me to remember the last time I gave such a thing this response.

    It was one morning back in October. I was watching the Rugby World Cup when my attention was suddenly called to full alert. It was not a skillful pass, it was not a try, it was not even a muscular thigh driving a scrum over some significant line... It happened during an ad break. Maybe it was the catchy rap music. Maybe it was the random montage of images. Maybe it was the clothes. Maybe it was the sheer style. Well the whole thing was just so COOL! I didn't know what it was at first but all I could do was watch and listen. "Look at me now, look at me now," sang the television. And looked, I did. It was in fact, an advertisement for French Connection, "I am the suit." More like a sensuous short film than an advertisement, this piece is an example of when art meets fashion at its best. See for yourself below:


    Sexy, retro, classic, humorous and edgy... Everything a fashion label worth its salt should be! And I can tell you another thing, this ad is not just a pretty face. The AW'11 collections at French Connection are fantastic... for men AND women. I have my eye on the Simply Silk Shirt in white (and there's a video for that too!) but in fact that is just one of so many cool things they have right now... I can see a French Connection Christmas wish list forming very quickly... And no better time to pass it on! As they have just launched their winter sale with up to 60% off selected lines. How cool is that?! And things are always cooler in French, n'est-ce pas?

    Get inspired with French Connections AW11 Videos

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